That one time I almost killed Jay Mohr (part 9) FIN…probably

I have no idea how people are going to take this story. I am just kind of vomiting it out so I can get it out of my head and move on and go back to it someday maybe when I can climb on a stage again. If I was the dear reader I would be asking “So do you hate Jay Mohr?”

No. No fucking way. Are you kidding? First of all who can hate Jay Mohr. Except like his ex-wives, comedy club waitresses, and Jennifer Aniston. I don't’ know I will get back to you with a list.

He gave me a huge gift. A bunch really.

  1. He helped me conquer puberty.
  2. He helped me feel attractive again
  3. He helped me re fall in love with all my friends. The best part about the whole thing was the next day when they were all private messaging me. Checking on me. Making Jay Mohr jokes. Sometimes you don’t even realize you are so loved till something like this happens.
  4. He gave me a hell of a story to tell about my Pandemic experience.

Steve did ask me if I wanted him to go after him on Twitter. I was all YES YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES. Because Steve is verified so other blue checks see the message for sure. He didn’t and in the end I am glad he didn’t. We just got to get back to doing our show.

And the writers. Oh my god, the writers. How did I luck out having so much talent in a virtual writer's room? They make me want to be a better joke writer.

As for my husband, he asked if I could take a break from asking people to come on the show when I brought up Joey Lawrence.

No, no way. I could never hate Jay Mohr.

The only thing we know for sure is the lights will go up, something will happen, and the lights will go down.

Plus I just got a gig writing for Frank Caliendo. So I get to focus on that for a few weeks. Also people love impressions, weird.

This whole things most likely has a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes. This is meant to be the first draft of something I will likely not look at for some time. And I am dyslexic so go fuck yourself.

Angie McMahon is a Faculty Member at The Second City in Chicago where she teaches Stand Up, Storytelling, and Sketch Comedy writing. She hosts a weekly online